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Tap Into The Collective Wisdom Of Experts As An Annual Member

and receive weekly solutions, support, and motivation - gems that will propel you forward to conquer the 4th commandment.

Through an easy-to-use digital platform, Catholic Daughter, delivers you the actionable, practical, and on-demand tools and solutions you need to make caring for mom/dad compatible with your personal and professional life.


Let's Talk Details:

• Learn from experts in various fields.

• Receive instruction at a professional level.

• Acquire useful techniques, tactics, tools, and solutions.

• Access continuous guidance, formation, and accompaniment.

• Experience prayer and encouragement from a trusted community.

• Discover practical ways to care for yourself and protect your other roles and priorities. 

• Connect with relatable Catholic minds, language, doctrine, scripture, values, and beliefs.

• Engage with transformational and inspirational spiritual meditations, talks, and reflections.


By Joining You Will:

• Realistically nail down your role without hindering your professional and personal life (stop spinning in circles)

• Be a good steward to your body, mind, and soul while caring without compromising your dignity (you can't fill from an empty cup)

• Develop the faith, strength, and wisdom to confidently undertake what comes  your way (the good & bad). 

• Engage the proper team to conquer caregiving, there is no need to juggle it all alone (you have more resources than you realize, trust us).

• Win key moments, as a caregiver and as a daughter, knowing that you cared in a state of peace and joy, preserving mom or dad's dignity. 


What To Expect:

• New action-based, results-driven content delivered weekly

• Access our user-friendly digital platform 24/7 (mobile friendly)

• Onboard and orientation on how to navigate the platform

• Full unveiling of The Catholic Caregiver Roadmap

• Easy-to-apply actionable techniques, tactics, and tools

• Concrete support and solutions

• Powerful meditations and talks led by priests, religious, and laity

• Content delivered to meet your preferences (audio, written, video)

• Expert trainings (including doctors, nurses, therapists, former caregivers, theologians, authors, etc.)


Please note: Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. Please do not sell, share, post, copy, or transfer the materials you receive with others. Our products are intended for individual use. Our entire Catholic Daughter Core Team and their families thank you for your support as it enables us to continue to serve women, just like you, and grow this movement to #ConquerThe4th

What Women Are Saying:

It’s so evident He wants this. The more I think about my own experience, the more I value what it is to value the elderly. They are our ‘national treasures. and we have so much to give back to them and receive from their wisdom, inner strength and holiness of life! So, supporting the Catholic Daughter is vital. I see it as helping restore the dignity of the human person in a culture that sadly has become so mechanistic and dehumanized in many ways. Keep up your great work and know that I am praying for you!”


I found someone that gets me, guides me and lifts me up every week.


Counsel, wisdom, and inspiration via The Catholic Caregiver Community has lifted a heaviness off my shoulders, I don’t feel alone any longer


After initially wondering about my place and being momentarily overwhelmed, I’ve been using what I’ve read in the material. There has been a lot of grace to fully enjoy this time.


I felt lost!!! Until you came into my life!! Thank you!!!


It is like having a mentor, coach, spiritual director, therapist, best friend all in one same place.


Knowing there is community of women that are reaching out for help, gives me a sense of belonging to something beautiful. Although we don’t interact, we are united in this journey


I love your weekly guidance. As a Catholic daughter, your counsel strikes a chord in my heart. I appreciate what you do as it feeds me!


Thank you for the reminder. Mom is a devout Catholic and I whisper prayers to her…she is in very late stage of dementia.


There are days that I run out of oil. But Catholic Caregiver Community somehow knows exactly what to say in those weeks to keep my lamp burning.


Hey, I just wanted to say that your content is amazing.


My daughter told me: 'Mom have you thought about going to a therapist?' I answered, 'Actually, I just signed up for Catholic Caregiver Community”


Thank you sooo much !! I already feel better…Catholic Daughter is so wise and aligned with our dear Lord.


It is so important to ask for specific and concrete help and not assume those around us can read our minds! This is great advice and reminder!


Reflecting on your boundaries guidance, we decided to get 24 hour caregivers to dad (who are excellent, by the way) so our mom can let daughters be daughters.


Thank YOU. I’ve really gained confidence in my role and can address mom with love as I should rather than cowering. Whew!


Has it REALLY been three months since I joined the membership? It’s been a beautiful time with Catholic Caregiver Community. I begin with saying, I’ve been able to set some boundaries, your techniques have been life changing. THANK YOU!